Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Resort Now!!!

I am counting the days until I can leave town for our annual family trip to Hawaii for the holiday season. For the past 26 years I have spent the holidays with my husband's family in Hawaii. I will never forget that first phone call from my then boyfriend telling me that there's an airline ticket to Honolulu waiting for me and I would be spending the holidays and New Year's on the island of Oahu. Ahhh, what do I pack? How many bikinis? Is New Year's dressy? Well, I have come along way and now I consider myself the queen of all beach resort packers!!! I have created the essentials for resort packing with Seaton (except the bikini part, that one still rules from Eres). This year I will be taking the Takai Tunic in Kukui Nut Alligator tie-dye, my classic pom pom tunic in Splash (gorgeous new blue) for those chilly afternoons on the shore, the new Lana'i dress in white for casual dinners and of course the Aja dress in Lagoon tie-dye for a dressier evening look. Both dresses always worn with simple gold K. Jacques or Manolo flats. Oh, and I will definitely wear our new French Terry fringed poncho on the plane with some leggings or a pair of white jeans. No need to panic about the wardrobe for the beach, only how many yoga classes I can fit in before we leave!!!!!

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  1. So excited about your blog.. What a treat to hear from you personally and to get a sense of what choices the "self" described Queen is making - Sage advice for a fan of Seaton and a "fashion" novice such as myself..Can't wait to read more. Aloha!