Friday, December 25, 2009

Had a great couple of days at The Four Seasons Hualalai showing our Resort Collection. Met the amazing jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth who looked super chic in the Aja Dress with Conch Shell Print (she was so beachy and beautifully relaxed after a fabulous massage at the spa.) Irene was showing her exquisite jewelry collection at The Seaside Luxe boutique at the hotel. Visit her website to see her unique collection I also met Gregory Parkinson who was showing his silky tie dyed dresses and caftans. We are going to get together after the New Year to create a small collection for the JR stores this Spring!!!! So excited...

Irene in the Aja Dress

The end of another glorious day!

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  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to a happy and fruitful new year!