Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh Nina!

When designing Seaton, I try to imagine women (or girls since I still call myself a girl) who epitomize the Seaton lifestyle.

Aside from Sarah and myself, my glorious friend Nina is the ultimate Seaton girl. Here's how we met last year. She waltzed into yoga one day wearing a weathered straw fedora and I just knew I needed to meet her. She happened to place her mat down next to me so I decided to ask where she bought her hat. She replied, "Oh, this ratty old thing? I got it in the South of France." Well, this immediately struck up a conversation of all things French and when she found out that I was the designer/owner of Seaton she screamed, "I can't believe you are Seaton. I only wear Seaton and Chanel!!!" So here is a little montage of the beautiful Nina who jets between her homes in Mammoth (she's a crazy expert snowboarder), Mazatlan (Claro que si!), Villefranche-sur-Mer in France and Santa Monica,CA. She is wearing vintage Seaton in most of these pics which just makes me smile.

Bonne été mon amie!!!

This was today on Paloma Beach in the South of France.
That's her sister Susie with her.

Paloma Beach View

The "Jill" dress for travel!

Shopping for veggies in Mazatlan

Vintage Seaton Boardies

With her Mama

Crazy Strong Girl!

We would have been best friends if we had met during my ice skating days.

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