Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miami to Paris

I went from this...

To this...

But I am always happy to see this...

Spent the entire day walking around my favorite city so I wouldn't fall asleep.
Stopped at Simraine in Saint Germain to get another tablecloth because you can never have to many of these gorgeous block printed Indian prints and colors.

Had to check out the new Hermès Store on the Left Bank. All I can say is WOW! It's the most beautiful store with the coolest wood sculptures and on top of it they have a florist, a café and a chic book store inside. The building housed the original pool for the Lutétia Hotel and then later was the offices of the clothing designer Dorotheée Bis. I remember going there in the 90's with Charles Gallay for a fashion show to work an appointment.

Here's a few snapshots as I was trying to be discreet!

Look at the mosaic tiles on the floor - super chic!

This bag is so Seaton - need to make my version of it for next Summer.

My last stop was Cinquième Set (means 5th Set) which is the BEST little tennis shop in Paris. They carry the European stock of Nike so I needed to get my boys some prezzies.

Au revior and Good Night!


  1. Wanderlust alert! I WANT TO SHOP WITH YOU. Hey, that should be one of those things you bid on at those fund raisers. Keep the blogs coming...they truly inspire :)

  2. Oh la la. . . so much fun! Treasures are everywhere in Paris! My French Family is now visiting me from Biarritz and I'm sure you will find some unique & amazing textiles there - if you can't make it this trip, try to plan for the next. Chanel buys from the Artisans in the Basque Countryside part of Biarritz that weave the most Exquisite Wools anywhere! Many of the Chanel Collections for Fall are from this area.
    The very best I've seen/touch/felt/worn anywhere . . .amazing yarns & colors!