Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On Second Thought...

Just feel like posting some more extravagant gowns...

Tabitha Simmons
The Brandolini Girls

Gio snapping a selfie...

Love this shot of Suki

This is the prettiest view of Anna Wintour's Daughter Bee

I wasn't crazy about Aerin Lauder's dress even though it did remind me of the Delft dishes in my Grandmother's china cabinet.
I do love this shot of her and her husband Eric entering the ball.

Another Oscar de la Renta beauty.
You can't see them but Sarah was wearing bright yellow silk pumps underneath which I loved and the flowers in the back of her hair!!!

Christy never ages!

Rosie looks really cool in this Balmain number.
I would have worn that to another type of party though.
Too rough for this frilly event.

OK, I'm done!

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