Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby needs some new shoes

So about this time every year I start jonesing for a new Spring shoe. This morning I decided to start surfing the web since I don't have much time to shop in the stores with my crazy schedule. Barney's, Net-A-Porter, Neiman's ~ oh my! Really annoyed that the shoes I like are all around $1200! Huh? I need to be Beyoncé to afford a new designer shoe! OK, so here's my 5 new pairs of shoes that are knock offs of the real thing!!! Check out my picks from Sky High to dirt cheap!!!

Valentino $1250

Louboutin $595

Lanvin $1320

Balmain $1395

Nine West $89

Steve Madden $69
Vince Camuto $98

RJ Girl $45

Cynthia Vincent $250
Cynthia Vincent $295


  1. The Vince Camuto is a score. I only I were 6 inches shorter!

  2. agreed! and i am 5 ft i only have to work on NOT falling in wedges..very embarrassing..xo