Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chaya and friends

My husband Mark discovered a brand new website called Blackboard Eats that emails you discounts and specials at delicious restaurants throughout Los Angeles and New York. Friday night we decided to use a hefty discount coupon for an oldie but goody LA eatery Chaya Brasserie. You can't imagine the nights we used to spend here drinking and eating with our 80's posse!

So we hooked up with our beautiful friends Stacy & Alberto who had just returned from a 17 day Spring break trek through Cairo, Elat, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They ended their family adventure with the Bar Mitzvah of their son Harrison and nephew Andrew at The Wailing Wall. I needed to get all the scoop since we are contemplating this journey next year for Davis and my nephews Will & Leo.

Stacy (wearing Seaton) and her Penn-bound daughter Sophia.
This photo looks fake...Can't wait to see it with my own eyes!!!

Things haven't changed much a Chaya. The food is still good, especially the dessert.
As we were leaving, the hostess handed each of us a yummy blueberry muffin to eat with the next morning's coffee. Genius idea! We will definitely be back.

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