Sunday, August 8, 2010

Country Club?

I do not consider myself the "Country Club" type of a girl however my entire family lives for Tennis and Golf so we happen to frequent our neighborhood club for a little practice now and then. Every year this club has one "cool" evening for the "Young" members (under 50 - ha!). They light a bonfire in the middle of the golf course, serve cocktails and hors d'ouevres and then BBQ fresh Lobster and steak under a glorious tent. A good time was had by all...especially grateful for surviving the golf cart ride back to the parking lot considering the consumption of Margaritas!

Gryphon Sequin Top, J. Brand White Jeans, Gabrielle Sanders Pashmina, Matt Bernsen Sandals and Kotur Shagreen Clutch

Clearly Purple was the color of choice this evening.

Pretty Girlies Sara & Nicole

Cyrus & Michelle ~ our beach neighbors

Baseball coach extraordinaire John getting some sugar from his lady!

Bradley looking Buff!

Nicole in Gryphon as well!

Nerdy Jill, Jon and Shanna

Happy Go Lucky Shanna!

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