Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love, Hair...

LOVED the book, wanted to LOVE the movie but thought it was good, not great. If you are a Julia Roberts fan, you will find her very pretty and charming in this film. If you are not a fan, she will bug you with her pouty stares and outbursts of laughter with big teeth. FYI, Notting Hill and Pretty Woman are on my all time favorite movie list so you now you know the way I feel about her. I do think that I should have styled this movie since the area of flattering fashion could have been greatly improved. I would definitely recommend seeing it at The Westwood Crest Theatre since it will be the last movie shown there before my sister and brother-in-law hand their landmark theatre over to its new owner.

Oh, BTW, I am not quite sure but Julia's hair stylist stole all of my do's for this movie. One of my BFF's and regular yoga buddy Nancy kept nudging me throughout saying, "Look at her hair, it looks just like yours!"

Nancy showing off in yoga. So jealous that I haven't mastered this yet!

If you know me well, you have seen me wearing my hair in a bun like this lately

This is my wavy hair the pizza!

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  1. Sorry, but I loved the movie! And I was also glad that Julia didn't look over-styled when she was in Bali and India, but rather, had adapted the native customs. Her hair was awesome. I'll always prefer her as a honey blonde and I was fascinated with her knotted bun when she was wearing the green sari. And Javier - delish! He is my Eat Pray Love all in one handsome package. Made me want to get out my passport, definitely!