Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get Inspired Now!!!

Inspiration is everything! You all must know by now how much I LURVE Anna Della Russo ~ Fashion Goddess Extraordinaire!!! Well, as I was following her on Twitter all summer long I realized that she is a Yogini and swims every day (no wonder how she stays so skinny and toned ~ duh!) All you have to do is look at her incredible legs to realize, "This woman works hard to look the way she does and to fit into these clothes." Disregard the fact that she hasn't given birth to 3 enormous baby boys like I have but she's still an inspiration fashion-wise and fitness-wise. So after 2 weeks stuffing my face in New York and Paris, I have decided to bump up my yoga practice and shoot for 4-5 days a week and to eat mostly RAW (see below.)

Check out those legs ~ CRAZY! Anna with Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist in Paris. Doesn't he look like a munchkin? His jacket proportion is all wrong for his stature. Anna, however is perfect for showing off her gams!

Are you kidding me?

Anna, looking chic and gorgeous in purple!

I don't know who this girl is but she is amazingly beautiful to me! I am all for reaching goals like this! Work harder Jill!

Read this for inspiration and a laugh. This is not your regular zen yoga. This is all about having fun during your practice, eating food to fuel your body and enjoying life EVERYDAY!!!


Rawvolution founder Matt Amsden ~ www.rawvolution.com. Tomorrow I am going to order The Box which is a cooler delivered to your door filled with Raw meals and desserts to help fuel your body.

Raw Tuna Roll - not really tuna at all but a mixture of sunflower seeds, celery, onion, cashews, coconut water, mustard, garlic, lemon juice, dill, dulse and sea salt.

Mushroom Burger

Raw White Chocolate Bar ~Sooooo yummy you won't believe it.

The best snacks to munch on all day long without feeling guilty.

Get inspired NOW!!!!

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  1. I am inspired...as always. Viva la Russo. Viva la Roberts!