Monday, October 25, 2010

What Jill Wore Today and other tidbits...

Sorry about the blurry end of the day shot of my outfit but I will describe in full detail: Old J. Crew fitted denim shirt, New Gryphon black leopard mini skirt with pleated back (so cute and flattering), Old Michael Kors fur vest (you've seen this one before people- see pic of new one from JR in store right now), Frye Motorcycle Boots, Wolford Tights ( We are getting Spanx black tights in-store any day now!)
This is the print of my skirt except its black on anthracite leopard print so it looks tonal.
Corson Fur Vest available at Jill Roberts Stores

Inspiration for tomorrow's outfit!
Garance Dore by Scott Schuman
Leather pants - Current Elliot-check
Moto Jacket-Nili Lotan - Check
Silly bun on top of head - Check
Cool Men's Rolex Watch -Check
Lace Up Wedge Boots - AYYYYYY
Don't have these so I am on the hunt for a cute pair that won't break the bank since I think its a one season thing. I am accepting suggestions friends!


  1. My favorite segment! "What Jill Wore". BTW...I am getting that fox made in to a vest...CASE CLOSED! You have inspired me...once again!

  2. oh my gosh this is hysterical. cute way of marketing your this day and age of economic uncertainty, a $370 skirt? Really? Can you donate a portion of your profit margin to those who have lost their jobs or homes? Or perhaps to better the public school system in the U.S?

  3. Which Frye boots are those?