Saturday, November 13, 2010

Get your Vital Juice!

Last night while at dinner, my friend Jeff turned to my husband Mark and said, "What's up with your vital juice? What in the world is that?" After we all cracked up, of course I explained. This week I was featured as a Vital Spy on Vital Juice and many other friends besides Jeff have asked me, "What is Vital Juice?" So here's the post along with a description:

Vital Juice, a free daily e-mail newsletter and website, brings you the latest must-read information about fitness, nutrition, beauty and wellness. Imagine getting a tip every morning from your healthiest, always in-the-know friend.
  • Got an hour to burn? This new Pilates class will leave you sore in places you've never felt…
  • Your dinner guests will flip when you whip out that farmer's market chutney…
  • Get ready to let loose (and maybe drool a little) in the hands of this master masseuse…

Vital Juice publishes four editions, Monday through Friday, via email: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Everywhere (so you can be healthy regardless of your 'hood). Moms, for healthy heads of household, publishes every Friday.

I look forward to my e-mailed newsletter daily! Go to to subscribe.

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