Friday, November 5, 2010

Love what you do!


Finally had the chance to see the band Honeychild perform last night at a little get together in Hollywood. The guitar player is my friend Maria's son and he is AWESOME! While watching these guys, you really know they LOVE playing music! I left the evening thinking one thing "LOVE WHAT YOU DO!" It is so important for me as a parent to try to convey this message to my boys right now. Here's the only mantra you need guys... "Love what you do and give it your whole heart. Its not a race against others but a passion within yourself."

I love what I do !
Here's some new things, some of which I found on my trip to Paris last March.

Tomorrow night going to see another friend's son doing what he LOVES:
Owen Thiele at the Whisky a Go Go

Have a great weekend tout le monde!

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