Monday, February 28, 2011

My Oscar Picks and Disses!

My personal favorite ~ amazing!

Slam Dunk Gorgeous

Once again perfectly age appropriate.

Beautiful woman in a beautiful dress.

I usually don't like simple black for these awards but these two are AMAZING!

She looks great but I wish she would have worn her hair softer.

These two reds on the red carpet looked great.
You can't miss with vintage Valentino.

This is the best I have ever seen Mandy Moore.
She definitely looks like a movie star.

Pretty Pregger. So happy she won; She deserved it!

Once again, I think she missed the mark.
She looks so matronly with those cap sleeves.

YUCK YUCK YUCK ~ Look at that horrible hair. A hot mess for me.

Oh Dios Mio ~ I really like these two but Penelope is just too
hoochie mama here!

Not so good.

I want to know who said, "Fire Orange pumps are a must with WHITE!"

Ahhhhhh, you scared me!

Phew...happy awards season is over!


  1. absolutely agree with every one! I also wondered why Scarlett had black on underneath..awful..thought Sandra looked so amazing ...

  2. Bravo! Bravo! i i think Nicole Kidman must be a Tennessee Volunteer fan because our colors are white and orange... GO VOLS!

    love you
    Christy Black

  3. Spot on! I think we should do our own version of Fashion Police...We would be GREAT!!! xoxo