Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frenchy Summer

Bienvenue à la Cote D'Azur!
After several rainy days in Paris, I packed up my junk and headed down to the South of France to stay with my friend Nina P. (as she's known in my house.) I blogged about Nina a couple of year's ago as she is the ultimate Seaton girl and how we were destined to be friends. Nina is fortunate enough to rent a flat in Villefranche-Sur-Mer every Summer and truly emerged herself into the Cote D'Azur lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to be her guest and enjoy the beauty of Southern France with my sweet yogini friend!

Arriving at the Nice Airport so happy to see Nina, Buba and the sunshine!!!

Glorious View!!!

The view of VSM behind me.

From the other side ~ St. Jean Cap Ferrat view.

Our first beach day - warm, sunny, quiet...PERFECT!

Taking a stroll into the charming little town of VSM.

We were going to dine outdoors at a place like this...

But we were so happy to stay in, enjoy the view, a bottle of Rosé and eat super healthy instead!

Next stop: Plage Mala.
But before we get there, Nina informed me that we have to stop and eat the best Croissant & Pain au Chocolat in all of France.

So I happily indulged and I must say it's a tie!
My other fave is the bakery just outside Christina Z's apartment on the Avenue Mozart in Paris!!!

OK, here's plage Mala!!! Run fast down that pathway and jump in that water!!! A fantastic little beach club filled with chic sunbathers from all over the world. A gem of a beach in a little hidden cove!

Seaton girls!

Loved her Missoni ensemble!

Buba resting in his condo after a long. tiring day at the beach!

The seahorse symbol of VSM marks the entrance to town. Gotta love that!

Now off to Paloma Beach in Cap Ferrat.

A little shopping at La Dame de la Cote to end our day. The best beach frocks around. You know they will show up in the next Seaton collection.

How cute is this little truck? We were so upset that she wasn't open but evidently she just rolls up the side and sells her chic wares right there at the harbor! That's what I call "Low Retail Overhead!"

My last morning, Nina and I walked around the Cape and ended up at a beautiful little pebbly cove for a quick swim before heading to the Nice airport. I had such an amazing time with her this Summer and we are already planning next year's retreat! Note to self: Need to stay longer!!!

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  1. Note to self...Put VSM on the list of places to go! Nina, can I stay with you too? So fun. Great blog.