Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Jill Wore last week and other things...

In front of my morning stop at Starbucks to get either a Venti Green Tea Lemonade (unsweetened) or a Double Tall 1/2 Caff Wet Cappuccino (one sugar in the raw please.)
All depends on the weather!
Last week was a full on Golden Goose-Fest

Golden Goose navy beaded sweater, Current Elliot trousers, Golden Goose Sneakers, Jerome Dreyfus Carlos Bag, Dirty Hair!

I could have worn this but it was too hot. Gryphon peacoat, J. Brand leggings, Alexander Wang Sweater, GG Sneakers and Jerome Dreyfus bag.

I ended up in this: Golden Goose Hunter Green Blazer, James Perse Tee, Goldsign Ripped Up Jeans, Jerome Dreyfus Python Max Bag, GG Sneakers (I love them with everything these days ~ Did you know they have a little secret wedge inside so you don't feel so short?) Stopped at BH to check things out before I headed to my office to see some new jewelry for holiday time...

Soooooo pretty and really well priced for gifts or for yours to keep.
I love them all stacked up together! In-store next week. Note to self: Make appt with Christie Kidd ( to laser hands after Hawaii.

Not a great photo but I LOVE the long necklace with the little diamond balls. On the expensive side but it's a forever piece!

These earrings are prefect for a little holiday glamour!

Wore this to dinner with friends at Mr. C's in BH.
Yummy food and casual atmosphere.
Equipment Silk Blouse, Current Elliot Jeans, Miu Miu Wedges, Michael Kors Vest, Turquoise Chunk Necklace - can't remember it's so old, Vintage Croc clutch from my Mom.

Happy Thanksgiving Mes Amies!
BTW: It's my least favorite meal on the planet however I do like sweet potatoes ;)


  1. If you don't want to show your hands then don't...But please...Save the comment about lasering your hands...Not cool......

  2. WOW...Anonymous. Why are you so mean? I find it refreshing that a woman tells the truth and is REAL. Mrs. Roberts is a REAL girl who does not pretend to be anything that she is not. Which is why I am fan and one who appreciates her honesty! As a matter-of-fact I googled Christie Kidd and am going to find out what I can do about my hands!!! THANK YOU JILL ROBERTS!!!

  3. Thanks 2nd Anonymous for your support. BTW: The turquoise necklace is from the fabulous Georgia Fletcher Jewelry. Click here for the link to her FB Page

  4. I was shocked to read such a mean spirited comment from Anonymous! Ms Anonymous, maybe you should keep the ugly comments to yourself; if you can't say something nice, then maybe you should say Nothing at all!
    Peace !