Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whoa Coachella

I might be a little late in my Coachella Fashion commentary but I have been struggling to find images I like. Halloween has turned into an "Inner Goddess" (to quote E. L. James) moment for many women and girls but I really feel like Coachella has turned into an
"Inner Ugly" show for many. See my picks below for some "Inner Uglies."

C'mon? The girl on the right, really Pebbles?


Trashy Rih Rih

I really think Emma Roberts could have done better.

Whoa there...

Little House on the Polo Grounds

Katy and Florence are just BAD here.

Let's take every accessory known to man and mix it with nothing that matches and for the heck of it, wear a turban because you're having a bad hair day?

These girls are kind of cute but straight out of the Urban Outfitters and Free People catalogues.

All right now we are talking...

Leave to models to know EXACTLY how to dress at Coachella. LOVE every outfit except the midriff on the right. But then again if I were 22 and had that stomach like that I might show it too.

Karli looks cute and fresh eating her watermelon.

And the winner is....

Kate Bosworth in the perfect proportion and so complimentary to her petite figure.


Cowgirl Chic


I don't know who this girl is but I think she looks good. Great outfit, bag, shoes...

This is good too...
Dree Hemingway in a vintage Pradaesque ensemble. It works!

Pretty pretty girly...Thank goodness I have boys.

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