Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's Jill Wearing Today and some random stuff I love...

Laurence Doligé Denim Mini Skirt, Nation French Terry Sweatshirt, Leopard Canvas Tote from Golden Goose (my new Summer work, travel and beach bag), K. Jacques Sandals, Panama Hat (old), Panerai Watch (the sweetest father's day gift to me from my hubby), Hermes Twilly Wrist Scarf.

This would be the perfect little evening pouch to carry my phone, lip gloss and credit card but I don't think my glasses would fit which is a bummer!

Hoorsenbuhs insanely beautiful gold and diamond band. I am actually visiting their showroom tomorrow and can't wait to see the entire collection. I think some of their designs feel more Hermes than Hermes.

My day wouldn't be complete without my Greens #2 or #3 & Roots #3 from Pressed Juicery.

 I really need to get this for my phone so I can take better pictures.

Doesn't this just smell like Summer? SPF 4 for the legs only!

The BEST for dirty hair do's. Instantly fluffs things up. 

Ahhhh, lazy days of Rosé at lunch...can't wait to hit the Côte D'Azur.

I could eat the entire tub in one sitting and I am really not "that girl."
Everything in moderation.

Which brings me to this place. That's my beautiful friend Brigitte inside Maha Yoga studio.  
Either you get it or you don't!

Yay!!!! The French Open is in full swing which means watching Tivo'd matches at the breakfast and dinner table every day for the next 2 weeks!!! I am being serious here. 
We are obsessed and deeply rooting for Roger to win another one. 

That's it for now...


  1. This post is one of my most favorites. I can't take how great the GG bag is, saw the YSL at the outlet mall in PS :), I must have the iPhone lens, Hoorsenbuhs...LOVE, BdS my favorite, PJ is the best and use Pssst all the time. You hit all my favorites in one blog...your blog is my favorite...you cutie patootie.

  2. WHERE oh where did you get the GG tote?! I am now feverishly stalking it on the interwebs.
    This is one of the best summer round-ups I've seen. Thanks for hitting the mark!


    1. You can get the GG Leopard tote at my Jill Roberts Stores. Just call 310-860-1617 in Beverly Hills or 310-260-1966 in Santa Monica.