Saturday, June 16, 2012

Posting from my Closet & the Studio City Store

I am sporting my white J. Brand skinnies which will guide me all through summer, a 10-Year Anniversary Tee from (created by Loomstate with an Alber Elbaz-Lanvin graphic - cut the sleeves off for a more buff look), Golden Goose Linen Artist's Blazer (couldn't give it away at 70% off last summer and now everyone LOVES it & WANTS one ~ sorry guys!) and K. Jacques studded Picon sandals (hurry, almost gone.)

Saturday Closet Cleaning.
Believe it or not, I cannot clean out my closet by myself.
I am a fashion hoarder and have a hard time letting go of really insignificant clothing items.
(ie: sweat-stained workout tanks and spotted tees from 5 years ago)
It's so liberating once everything is gone and all is fresh for the season.
Summer here I come!

Getting really close to opening my new store in Studio City!!!
Thank you to my amazing husband who has become an expert at whipping up beautiful little boutiques in no time flat.
And we'd be lost without Frislis and Luis!

Just need to get some of this to fill it up!

Have you seen this movie?

 I have not gone fully vegan but I am absolutely determined to limit the amount of animal protein and dairy in my diet as well as all my men, big and small. Really makes breakfast hard since my youngest son Jasper would prefer to eat this:

Donut topped with Bacon - EW!!!!

Here's what I am trying to eat:

This ice cream is really yummy!

Bon Weekend!


  1. I love that K. Wearstler dress! I always love your fashion but today I love the food. Post some recipes! YUMMY.

  2. What is it with putting bacon on everything??

  3. If you go on the website " mercy for Animals" and see what happens to baby pigs and mama pigs, its heart breaking. I am a vegatarian considering going vegan.
    Here is my question your vegan, but how do you purchase hand bags and clothing that are leather?

    1. I am not vegan. I rarely eat red meat but I do eat fish and fowl. I feel better eating mostly plants and foods in their natural state. My decision has nothing to do with animal rights. I have no problems with wearing leather or fur raised in a humane environment for that matter. I eat organic, farm raised, grain-fed food, never ever from cruel environments.