Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Recap Post #2

It all started with a book...

I ordered this book for the stores and knew immediately that I needed to visit this special resort located on Italy's Tuscan Coast. Il Pellicano Resort sits on a majestic cliff on the tiny island of Porto Ercole.
There are no taxis! (Freeman and I learned quickly after taking the train up from Rome and stood dumbfounded in the train station!) Thankfully the hotel sent a car for us without even skipping a beat! 

 We arrived at dusk and were greeted by a lovely grass tennis court ~ 
Thoughts of Drew danced in my head and how he would have loved this beautiful spot.

The understated elegance of the little bar area made me feel right at home.

 Freeman fighting off the jet lag...

Happy to be with my man...
Hurry up , finish answering those emails before the cocktail kicks in.

Woke up to cloudy skies but who cares when you are in paradise?
Breakfast for two on our patio.

 The Good Life indeed!

Need to explore our surroundings now.
Down to the water she said!

Will have to wait for the sunshine to go swimming.

Let's go into town for a bite with dear friends Shani & Michael.
A bit of grilled polipo salad and a bottle of cold Pinot Grigio.

Sprinkles and Rainbows

Michael needs a little extra light for all his reading.

Fighting to keep his eyes open the 2nd night.

SUNSHINE, finally!!!

Eh voilĂ ...JUMP IN!

We soon learned that the chairs to the very left get the last bit of sunshine at the end of the day.

Finished a good book here, The Kitchen House.

And now we drive to Naples to catch the ferry for Capri.
But how in the world are we going to fit all of Shani's purchases from Paris into that little trunk?

We did it!!!

Next stop - The Magical Island of Capri!

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  1. looks amazing Jill! So nice to meet you today and find your blog!