Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Picks

OK, I am not going to make a big deal of this selection since it is just mediocre as far as I am concerned. 

Amy Adams is elegant and Super Star-Like

I have no idea who this woman is and she should get a dress that fits  next time.

Comfortable Halle in Versace and in her own beautiful skin.

HOT MESS as usual

Power couple - I think George is more beautiful than Stacy but her body is killer.

Jen can do no wrong in Valentino Red.

I don't care what Melissa is wearing; this woman is hysterical and makes me happy!

Rooting for my friend Jo's client - I have no idea how to pronounce her name: Quvenzhane Wallis
but she has a bright future!
Renee appears out of nowhere with a kick ass body but her face doesn't move and she looks stoned!

Power couple #2
Saw Liev Schreiber in the airport last summer and he is one handsome man.
Naomi's dress is a little funky - not my taste really.

C'mon, she''s a young pretty girl but at least make her look like a movie star or don't show up at all.
Like Jennifer Lawrence!!!
It's all about perception folks.
Charlize Perfection in Dior!
Surviving Beauty wins my vote!!!

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