Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some of my favorites thus far!

Casual Look from L'Agence
Love the slipper slides!

Aimee Cho from Gryphon is back with her amazing outerwear.

Incredibly easy jersey dress from L'Agence's T Line
Priced just right!!!

I am a sucker for a simple black knit dress in any length.
This one is from Rag & Bone

Chic military peacoat from Rag & Bone...

To wear with my favorite Jarod jeans from Iro.

Love the worn grosgrain band on this hat from Albertus Swainpoel.

Decades of denim shirts from Frank & Eileen.

Spring Collection from Frank & Eileen

My old but not old friend Sydney modeling a short hippy fur from  a new Parisian line...
Shhhhhh - my little secret!

Need I say more? My every day shoe!



Ladylike from GGDB looks amazing with jeans and that glittery sneaker!

Yves Solomon can do no wrong when it comes to cruelty free fur.

I finished early yesterday and make my way up to Barney's to take a peak and the new deliveries

Balenciaga chic to go with a little springy dress.
Who knows how the collection will evolve with AW at the helm.

Even though they are man-repelling, I think these CĂ©line (Vans) are the bomb!

Nina Ricci Gorgeous Party Dress

The bow is fab!

and......I found the little beanie at Eugenia Kim!
Will have in-store next winter!

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