Monday, May 6, 2013

Met Gala Ball- Chaos to Couture

JR's Hits and Misses
Never really liked the whole punk thing way back when I was just a wee gal and would cringe at the thought of having to interpret it for 2013. So,  I give some props to the ones who did it well and disses to the ones who were WAY off

Rooney Mara - Makeup punkish, dress not so much but divine!

Gio can do no wrong but its definitely NOT punk.

DVF looking mighty fine with her big 70's 'Fro but not really Punkish either.

Gwynnie I love you in your pink punk inspiration.

Obsessed with Lena Dunham in Girls and counting the days to the new season.
Her tattoos are so authentically punk, right?

Of course SJP is uber-cool chic in this number. very modern punk princess!

Gisele is a Brazilian sexy punk-rocker - Obrigado!

Wow! What a surprise with this bleached blonde hair on Anne Hathaway.
I kind of like it. She looks edgy and different!
I actually think she nailed it and I am not usually a big fan.

Under-stated elegance from Carrie Mulligan.
I'm sure she's not so worried since Gatsby is gonna ROCK!

Not punk at all but Linda Evangelista is 80's royalty so who cares.
She looks so ethereal and pretty here.

What is this? Just because you add some edgy hardware to your outfit does not make it edgy.
This is a huge miss in my book.

OK, I thought this was the worst dressed and you might say, 
"Jill, give the girl a break, she's pregnant."
But....Who in the world told KK that she looked good or appropriate in this get-up?


So now my vote for the worst punk-inspired look of the evening.
What on earth was she thinking?
Even if your dress is pretty, never ever ever go with the finger in the light socket grey-haired look!!!

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