Monday, June 10, 2013

Prom Thoughts...

So my eldest son had his prom last weekend and 
we hosted the "Pre-Prom Party" chez nous.
As most of you know I am the mother of 3 boys but a real girly girl so I relish in the primping of a formal evening. I was especially interested to see how all of Drew's buddies, male and female would present themselves for the big evening! 

 Giant Drew and Mama (In ALC, Lanvin & Kendall Conrad)
Really hard to find a suit that fits my 6' 3", 200+ lb. tennis stud but thankfully
 J. Crew came through.

 Rachel looking lovely in her mermaid dress.

 Lina (you will see her on Broadway someday) and Asahi (Prima Ballerina)
elegant and refined in their long gowns.

 Glowing Fabiana wins "Best Hair" for the evening.

 Hannah looked ravishing in her navy blue ruffled gown and took the prize for "Best Dressed" with her black leather high top Converse. I guarantee she was the most comfortable lady of the night! It also helps to have height with this look and a "Laissez-Faire" type of personality.
Don't tell anyone but her Mama is super funny lady Lorraine Newman from the original SNL cast!!!
Hannah just makes you smile when you're near her!

 There's my Drew with his date Phoebe looking lovely in chic black with a little Balenciaga clutch.

 Striking a pose "à la Angelina" are Lillian (Her mama is super cool designer Magda Berliner) and Kaela (soccer girl extraordinaire - going on to play at Whittier College)

 Oh look... Here's Kaela and Beckham, oops I mean Elijah, Drew's BFF, also a kick-ass soccer star heading his way to Claremont College to score big-time!
Love Kaela's shoes with the feathers.

 This couple really went all out to coordinate the 
Grecian Goddess and Adonis look.
Well done kiddos.

 Now Lili has a special place with me...A sweetie pie,  peanut of a girl sporting 5" heels and a frothy, peach number - She looked like a confection and Josh was elegant right by her side.

 My Bookends Drew & Jasper

 Chic ladies...Hard to believe they are only 
17 & 18 years old

 Drew and Davis - Will be really hard when his big bro is off to Syracuse this Fall :(

 Our Godson Jordan sharing in the happiness.

 Drew and his other BFF Jack always looking like a stud!

And now the parents for a Prom pose with the boys!!!

Where did the time go?
Poof, 18 years!
I am so proud.


  1. Best blog ever. handsome. elegant. proud.

  2. Jill, I love your voice! So fun and punchy! The girls looked supreme~we sure didn't look like that, did we?